Establishment of Jesus Christ Healing Ministries (JChm)

JChm is a web-based ministry that was established on 1 September 2011 by André and Erika le Grange. André and Erika were married on 12 December 1998 and have two adult daughters, Nikita and Bianca. Erika owns and manages a doggy parlour in Centurion, Pretoria, South Africa and André instructs learner drivers.

André was called into full-time ministry on 19 July 2008 at age 39 during a Christian gathering “Loftus vir Jesus” with the famous evangelist Angus Buchan.  During the previous year, 2007, at a dealer meeting in Cape Town, South Africa, the Lord spoke to André’s heart in his hotel room one night.  “Do you want to do this work until you are old and grey, then retire and die?” André decided that evening that he wanted to retire before 40 and do something meaningful with his life. At that time he had an old Nokia Cellular phone which had a facility for greeting you with a welcome note when you turned it on. André programmed the following welcome note into his phone that evening. “Andries, opskud as jy wil aftree voor 40”, which means: “Get a move on if you want to retire before 40.”

On Monday, 21 July 2008 (2 days after his conversion and decision to go into full-time ministry) André, driven by the Holy Spirit, sent a Christian message to all recipients on his employer FMCSA’s (Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa’s) e-mail address book, in an attempt to inspire all its employees. At that time the world was experiencing economic recession and many FMCSA employees were anxious and fearful of the future due to talk of retrenchments and job cuts. The e-mail tracking option for delivery and read reports was selected as a default setting. This fact, together with the large number of recipients in the Pretoria and Port Elizabeth assembly plants, caused an overload and subsequent crash of the server.

A few days later it was a public holiday for all NUMSA members (Blue Collar hourly paid employees).  André, who had slept very little since his conversion and calling into full-time ministry (19 July 2008) decided to jog to the office in his tracksuit to tender his resignation at the HR Office. HR Officers and fellow colleagues observed that André was behaving irrationally and called the company doctor to assess the situation. The company doctor prescribed some medication to help André calm down and relax, but he refused to take the medication. She then called an ambulance to come and collect him and take him to a psychiatric hospital for rest and observation. By this time André was singing the Lord’s Prayer with hands held high and a great crowd gathered because of the commotion. On the way out of the offices André saw a demon spirit of fear in the company doctor and pushed her behind the neck, causing her to stumble and fall.

The ambulance arrived and the paramedics stood ready but André refused to get in and asked them whether there was anyone sick who needed an ambulance.  Eventually the police were called to remove André from the premises and his manager convinced him to go with them to evaluate their vehicle for tyre vibration and cab shake (it was a Ford Supercab pick-up). At that time this was something that André did on a regular basis as part of his job. The police proceeded to take André to a government hospital for treatment. On the way there they stopped and left him in the vehicle. All the windows were shut and he was hot and became claustrophobic and kicked out one of the small rear windows. At that time the police came back to the vehicle and removed him with force from the front and threw him into the canopy at the back. The two policemen could not restrain him and were assisted by bystanders to get him into the canopy.

At the hospital a great struggle ensued once again to control André. He was tied to a bed and sedated. Two weeks later he was discharged and put onto chronic medication. He had now been diagnosed with bipolar mood disorder type 1.

André refused to accept his diagnosis and took all the chronic medication and burnt it in disgust. After a short period of sick leave André returned to work, but was overwhelmed by the backlog of unanswered e-mails and sheer workload. He made an appointment with the psychiatrist and was booked off for approximately three months. When the sick leave was almost over, FMCSA offered voluntary separation packages, and André gladly accepted one of these. His dream of retiring before 40 had been realised.

It was however only the start of many trials, tribulations and a period of lots of Bible study and spiritual growth. André needed to grow and become a mature Christian if he desired to go into full-time ministry. This meant being certified as a government patient and being treated and medicated for more than ten years at Weskoppies Mental Institution in Pretoria South Africa.

André was hospitalised from 2008 until December 2017 for periods of up to 3 months at a time without the option to refuse hospitalisation or treatment (medication). During this period André was hospitalised 17 times and all the latest and greatest drugs were tested on him.

During September 2011 André’s wife (Erika) designed God’s website ( at André’s request, and it has been live ever since. JChm is a virtual ministry with spiritual, mental and physical healing as primary objective. It consists mainly of a series of articles to encourage and inspire and bring spiritual, mental and physical healing to its readers. It has been funded by André and Erika since day one and was registered as an NPO during 2019, as the main objective is to serve humanity as opposed to being a profit driven company.

“There is more happiness in giving than in receiving.” (Acts 20:35b GNT).


A. le Grange                                                                       E. le Grange

(Founder and managing member)                           (Secretary and admin)



We are here to help the lost masses to help themselves by turning back to God and being born again.  We base our teachings on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, which is available in the New Testament of the Holy Bible.  We preach selflessness and love towards all humanity.  We believe in spreading the gospel and its healing power to all nations and people.  We should all be willing to share everything we have with those in need, be it finances, food or our knowledge of, and faith in the Holy Trinity.  We believe that in order to serve God, we should serve mankind (Matthew 22:34-40).


Our vision is to make a difference to our city (Pretoria), our country (South Africa), our continent (Africa) as well as the rest of the world.  We do this by creating awareness and offering the Good News of the healing power and saving grace of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, to all people.  We rely on individuals who come to faith and receive healing, to spread this Good News to others through their testimonies.  In this way the gospel with God's message of love and grace is spread like wildfire.


Our goal is to do God's will (Divine will), by spreading the Gospel to the ends of the earth and to help establish God's Kingdom on earth.  In the words of Jesus:  "Go throughout the whole world and preach the gospel to the whole human race".  (Mark 16:15)