How to overcome bipolar mood disorder (divine healing)


Bipolar mood disorder is a condition that is caused by a lack of the Holy Spirit.  It is an illusion which is caused by a lack of the Holy Spirit.


It normally surfaces when a person decides to start living holy, but fails to be 100% holy, due to unclean spirits or demons that refuse to make way for the Holy Spirit to manifest 100%.  If and when the Holy Spirit is allowed by the individual to manifest 100%, then the unclean spirits have no option but to depart.  If the Holy Spirit is given anything less than 100% chance to manifest, then the unclean spirits or demons or unholy spirits will create an illusion in your life which is commonly referred to as depression, bipolar or schizophrenia.  These conditions can be eliminated totally by the individual who makes a conscious decision of will to grant the Holy Spirit control of his or her life.  This would entail granting the Holy Spirit more than 99,99% control and less than 100,01%.  In other words, just be 100% committed to becoming holy.  In Christian terms give your heart to Jesus Christ of Nazareth and start following His ways and teachings, or if you prefer, become born again. There is only one way and that is the right way, or if you prefer, God’s way.  Anything less than perfect is imperfect. Seek God with all your heart and don’t be lukewarm because lukewarm Christians are spewed out by God.


Be committed and you will reap the benefits.  When you repent of your sins and become reborn, or you decide to follow God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength, how can you do it and still carry on with a sinful life at the same time.  The next step after repentance is sanctification. Sanctify yourself and watch how the sicknesses and diseases disappear one by one.


For non-Christians who choose to walk the path without the help of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  It is possible, but it is more difficult.  If you wish to do it in your own strength, then you have to be perfect. It is possible to do it without the help or recognition of Jesus Christ, but this is a difficult way, as we are all sinners and we are all far away from living a Godly or sanctified life.  It is your choice.  Become like Jesus and follow His teachings and then life becomes a breeze, or live life according to your own ways and then your life journey becomes more complex and difficult.


Believers why not make Jesus Christ Lord of your life today and watch for the miracles that will follow.  Live healthy, eat healthy, sanctify yourself, receive the Holy Spirit and make bipolar an illusion in your new reality.


Do you really think that God is responsible for causing bipolar, depression or schizophrenia in your life, or for that matter diabetes, HIV or any other disease or illness.  These conditions are not caused by God, but are self-inflicted.


Pray to God and ask Him to fill you with the Holy Spirit and to let His Divine will be done.  All sicknesses and diseases will flee from you, together with all the unclean spirits that make you sick.  Life is simple and uncomplicated if and when you become a Kingdom Child.


As you sow, so you shall also reap.  If you neglect your body, which is the temple of the Holy Spirit, you will become ill.  Look after your body and be healthy.  Look after yourself and start living a full and prosperous life.  Become healthy and wealthy and wise.  Make time for God daily and routinely and become blessed in your life.  Don’t see quiet time as a waste of time.


Believe in God in you, and trust in Him.  Follow the teachings and examples of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Read the Bible (New Testament) every day to learn more about the way of Christ.


Experience the love of Christ in your life by following his perfect example.  Become like Christ. Jesus was so determined to teach mankind how to live, that he layed down His own life by suffering a cruel death on the cross.  Three days later God resurrected Him to bring a message to mankind that even death can be overcome if one lives a Godly life.


Make a choice today to become Godly and receive everlasting life. Become a Kingdom child.  Start experiencing the love and peace of God in this earthly life. Yes, heaven is a place on earth. You don’t have to wait until your physical body dies before you can experience life. Don’t be concerned about tomorrow or about yesterday.  Let bygones be bygones and live every day to its fullest.


Be hopeful about a prosperous future, by praying and trusting God who is in control of everything.  Read your bible every day and pray the Lord’s Prayer every day and watch how your life will change.  Become a walking and living testimony.  Tell other people what God has done for you, and so help God’s Kingdom to come to all the lost souls.


God is here, God is great, God is alive, God is in control, and God is love.  Be obedient to God’s Holy Spirit.  Come on now, don’t be stubborn.  In the words of Jesus Christ: “Follow me, my yoke is light.”


I trust you will make the best choice and the right decision.  No pressure, God gave us all free will. Isn’t it great, we can choose our own destiny?  Isn’t God a great heavenly father?  He loves us unconditionally.

“Heavenly and Holy father, we honour you.” God bless and all the best on your life journey.


The following verses will be of help to you:

Matthew 22:34-40 The great commandment (love all of creation).
Ephesians 6:10-19 Resisting demonic attacks.
Galatians 5:13-26 Becoming sanctified (living in the spirit) place emphasis on verse 22.
Luke 11:1-13 How to pray.  Place emphasis on verse 13.
Revelation 3:16 Lukewarm Christians are spewed out.
Read the book of John systematically and read Proverbs (1 chapter per day).


A prayer to pray daily:


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The Lord’s Prayer


  1.  Holy Father, we honour you.

  2.  Our kingdom is coming, and Divine will is being done.

  3.  Thank you for Holy Spirit.

  4.  Thank you for giving to us abundantly.

  5.  We gladly share with the less fortunate.

  6.  Thank you for amazing and unconditional love and grace.

  7.  We love all of creation graciously and unconditionally.

  8.  Thank you for leading us to perfection.

  9.  Thank you for welcoming us in the Kingdom.

10. The Kingdom, with all its power and glory is ours through all eternity.



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