Healing Testimony - Bipolar Disorder

Bi-polar disorder is a figment of one’s imagination.  It is from the “devil” and not from God.  God is almighty, omnipresent and omniscient, a God of love, and does not cause sickness and disease.  All sickness and disease are from the “devil”, and not from God.  If you allow the “devil” into your life, he will make you ill.  Invite Jesus Christ into your life and you shall be ill no more.  The “devil” too will become a figment of your imagination.  Follow Jesus, whilst keeping your eyes on your enemy, and keeping your enemy distant.  No harm will come on your way if you obey the word of God.  Sickness and disease will also become distant figments of imagination.  The power of the “evil one” in one’s life, now becomes negligible.  There is no more “devil” and no more “hell”.  There remains only earth, heaven on earth and heaven in heaven.  Everlasting life has come.

 Medicine is for people with sin, people who will not allow the Divine Healer to do as God intended.  Because our God is merciful and loving, he allows sinners to use medication.  All doctors should become believers to be more effective with diagnosis and treatment of conditions.

Bi-polar disorder comes from the “devil” (negativity) and should be rejected back to the “devil”.  I am living testimony of bi-polar been healed, without medication. 

Jesus healed bi-polar by driving out the demons that cause it.  See Mark 5: 1-20 and Luke 8: 26-39.

I dare you sir/madam to seize the use of all medication now, and to give the Lord a chance to intervene in your life.  Reject the negativity of “satan”, accept the good news of Jesus Christ, and watch for the miracles that will follow.


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Sincerely yours

André le Grange